Essure Removal Specialists



Dr. William Greene and Dr. Wendell Turner at Lakeshore Surgical Center specialize in Tubal Ligation Reversal’s for patients who want to get pregnant again following sterilization surgery. Patient’s from all over the country and all over the world travel to our facility in Georgia because of their surgical expertise in Tubal Reversals.

Dr. Greene and Dr. Turner, to our knowledge, were the first doctor’s to reverse the Essure procedure and successfully have patients get pregnant. But we are finding that not all patients are wanting their Essure devices removed in order to conceive again.

We have an all-inclusive surgical fee of $5500.00 for this procedure, to read more about what is included in this price please see the “Essure Removal Pricing” page.

There does seem to be a thread of common symptoms in some women that have the Essure. We hear about heavy bleeding, cramps, joint problems, metallic taste in the mouth and other adverse reactions. We have not removed enough of these devices to say for sure if removal is helpful in all patients.

Dr. Greene and Dr. Turner are the leading experts in Essure Reversal to restore fertility and what we are now offering is essentially half of that operation, microsurgical removal of the Essure without reimplantation of the tubes. This operation would remove the Essure device without restoring the patient’s fertility.

We do like to caution patients, who have been told that the only way to remove these devices is with a hysterectomy. That is very dangerous and wrong. The only reasonable way to get rid of an Essure is with microsurgical removal. This is one thing we know for sure. There is no way to remove these devices by pulling them out and no way to take them ou with a laparoscope. The Essure is a fragile plastic core about the width of a pencil lead surrounded by a metal coil that grows into the tissue of the tube. We will remove your Essure with an outpatient procedure with an incision about 2 inches long right above your pubic hair line, the procedure will take about an hour. If you have a job, you should miss no more than 3 days including travel.